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The Missing Wallet

My wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease 5 years ago. The progression has been quite slow, and she is still capable of doing many things – she likes to read, set the table, watch nature shows on TV with me and attend social gatherings where she ‘makes the rounds’ talking to people quite appropriately. I […]

Moving Sharon – Part I

By Jon Lucas As 2012 was coming to an end, so was my stamina. At this point I had been Sharon’s 24/7 caregiver for over 2 years. And things were just getting worse. I was burning out. I could feel it. I was starting to dread the start of every day. Signs of depression were beginning […]

Moving Sharon – Part II

By Jon Lucas After the director finished her evaluation I followed her out to her car without Sharon, and asked her what she thought. She said Sharon would fit in fine at their care facility and she asked me when I would like to move her in. I said, “How about tomorrow?” She told me […]

Moving Sharon – Part III

By Jon Lucas “I need to run an errand and would like you to come along with me, okay?” I asked. “Okay. Where are we going?” “I just need to drop some papers off someplace.” Not a total lie. “Okay.” So I helped her into the car in which I had already preloaded her clothes […]