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13 ways to enjoy the holidays with your relative with memory loss

Holidays bring families together to share and observe cherished traditions. But for a relative with memory loss, the holidays can be challenging—especially as we move into our second pandemic holiday season. These thirteen suggestions can help you plan holiday celebrations that include your loved one with memory loss:  Recognize that holidays are not the same […]

What can you do about anger and aggression in dementia?

Anxiety in people with dementia can often lead to agitation, which can lead to anger, aggression, and situations that can be dangerous for caregivers. It’s easier to prevent anger and aggression in dementia than to defuse it once it has started. Using observation or behavior logs to identify patterns of behavior can help you figure out […]

Can we go now? Handling repetitive behaviors

Repetitive behaviors such as asking the same question again and again can be stressful and irritating for family caregivers. Sometimes it feels like your relative with dementia is purposely repeating questions or statements just to annoy you. This is rarely the case. More likely, your relative is trying unsuccessfully to feel a sense of control. […]

Six ways to help your relative with dementia get dressed

Getting dressed is a very personal and private activity. When people start to have difficulty with it, they often feel frustrated and embarrassed and are reluctant to accept help. Who wants to get dressed in front of someone else, or be dressed by another person? Struggles with caregivers like you can be common. And dressing […]